[FANACCOUNT] 140803 백퍼센트 100% Ilsan fansign

So on Saturday I went to 100%’s fansign!

I gotta thank my friend once again, since she helped me with the albums and stuff; just like last year I went to 100% concert in Japan thanks to her ;3; (the fanacc for that is on my travel blog here)

Before entering the hall you need to show some kind of identification and they give you a ticket with a number on it (which is the order).

And so the fansign started and everyone took out their cameras! lol

My friend bought some stuff so we could write questions to them, and while I only wrote one, there were people who even had 3 questions written and all of them got answered lol

The first one was Chanyong~ I think he was a little ill since he coughed many times and seemed tiredㅠㅠ Either way he did his best and was reslly nice~ I asked him to write down his image of Spain (or what popped up on his head first when he hears about Spain), and after thinking for a while he said bullfighting. I didn’t know the korean word for it so he started drawing it on the album lol

I asked Changbum to recommend me a song he was listening to recently and he said Block B’s her!!

He first talked to me in English (which sounded really good tbh), asking my name and where was I from and then I told him I saw them last year in Japan. And he was like “oooooh you korean is so good” but I was like… nope lol

I asked Jonghwan to say/write some words in Spanish if he knew (idk just like “amigo”, “te amo” or whatever almost everyone knows lol) and he was like… “Spanish… let’s see… I don’t know any Spanish words, teach me please!!” and then he asked me to teach him how to saw hi so after I said it was “hola” he was like “aaaah I knew that” lol

So that’s what he wrote down in hangul lol

I asked Hyukjin to write “Te Quiero” (I love you) for me, and he also made sure the pronunciation was perfect saying it to me lol He also asked me to teach him spanish like Jonghwan did lol

Finally Rockhyun~ I aksed if that if he had time where did he want to go in Europe and he said United Kingdom. Then he asled me where was I from anf when I said Spain he was like “I wanna go there too!!!” I think he asked me to recommend a place there but their manager was rushing me and I didn’t know if I understood the question well orz Then he said adios to me lol /cutie/

I also took sone photos/videos but I’ll wait to edit most of them when I go back next week!

140803 백퍼센트 100% 일산 팬사인회 fansign 창범 singing 

Gonna try to upload/write my fanaccount for yesterday’s 100%’s fansign soon~

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"Hi c:"


Hello everyone~

This year too I’ll be on hiatus starting from the 7th of July until the 11th of August, since I’m leaving for Seoul in 11 days!

So, I’ll also be posting my experiences and photos on this blog here!

You’ll be also able to find some of my entries/photos from Japan last year~

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"Really thanks for translate MYNNAME's WE ARE MYNAME musics *-*"

You’re welcome~!image